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Join one of the miniAccelerators: a goal orientated training programs that combine a business accelerator and a training format, and acquire skills aimed at increasing your success in business and personal wealth.

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The MiniAccelerator No-Code course is already my third course with MiniAccelerator! With the help of No-Code course and instructors I have already built my MVP (which is very successful!)!
Agnese Z.
3500+ graduates
from miniAccelerator programs
since 2016

What is miniAccelerator?

miniAccelerator combines online training with a business accelerator format, providing our participants with goal-oriented online training programs. For instance NoCode miniAccelerators helps people to gain web-development skills without learning to code in order to make money as web development freelancers or launching their own business ideas. Stock investment miniAccelerators help in understanding the basic principles of investing in financial instruments for personal wealth creation.

MiniAccelerator programs

miniAccelerator programs consist of video lectures, course materials and mentorship. In the No-Code miniAccelerator, the purpose of the program is to take you to your first web solution that you build yourself and ideally are able to launch your own product or receive your first, paid freelance project to build with the tools you learned during the program. The purpose of the Bubble miniAccelerator is to lead you to the ability to build first products on Bubble that you can start to work as Bubble developer or launch your own product.

No-Code program (5 courses in 1)
from 399.00 EUR
200+ lectures
70h of video content

The No-Code miniAccelerator is an 8-week online course that teaches people how to build modern websites and apps without coding skills. It's beginner-friendly and offers 24/7 access. With no-code skills, students will be able to create prototypes and MVPs rapidly, validate their business ideas more effectively, and earn as a freelancer or consultant. Enroll now to unlock the power to innovate, create, and scale projects with ease, positioning yourself at the forefront of the tech industry's rapid evolution.

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Bubble miniAccelerator
From 299 EUR
70 lectures
24h video material

The Bubble miniAccelerator is an 8-week beginner-friendly video training that teaches web app development using Access 24 hours of course lectures and materials 24/7. Startups built on Bubble have raised millions, proving that no-code development platforms are shaping the future of technology. As a skilled Bubble developer, you can turn your innovative ideas into reality and launch your own successful digital products. Freelancers with Bubble expertise can command hourly rates starting from $60. Join the Bubble miniAccelerator today and embark on a transformative journey towards digital success.

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Webflow miniAccelerator
From 199 EUR
25+ materials
12h video content

Learn to create visually stunning websites in 8 weeks with our 12-hour Webflow course, taught by 5+ year experienced web developer and graphic designer, Zivile. Access 25+ lessons and materials 24/7. Mastering Webflow unlocks endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Start a career as a freelance web developer, with rates starting from $40 per hour. The investment in this course can quickly pay off as you build your portfolio and establish a strong presence in the web development market. Enroll now and embark on a comprehensive web development journey.

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We develop solution for you

If you would like that miniAccelerator team would help to develop a solution - application, website, automations, for you, book a meeting with us and let's discuss your idea!

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How is the miniAccelerator going?

By joining the miniAccelerator, you will get access to the selected course, where you can watch video lectures at a time of your own choosing and ask questions to the course lecturer throughout the program period. The program period is 8-12 weeks, with clear action steps that will take you to the planned goal of the specific program.

1. Choose one of the programs

Currently, miniAccelerator offers 3 different programs. You can choose one or more of them.

2. Learn the content of the courses

You will have access to the learning platform where we have placed all the course content. You will be able to learn it at a time convenient for you and, if necessary, ask questions to the instructors.

3. Receive a diploma

After successful completion of the courses, each of the graduates of our programs receives a diploma from miniAccelerator.

4.Use knowledge and skills to earn more

The main value of training is specific knowledge and skills that open the door to new ways of earning for you.

Testimonials from our students

With the help of No-Code courses and instructors I have already built my MVP (which is very successful!)

The MiniAccelerator No-Code course is already my third course with MiniAccelerator! I applied, because for some time I thought I wanted to make a web page, but I didn't have apropriate skills and learning to program seemed too complicated. Mikus inspired me to try and with the help of No-Code courses and instructors I have already built my MVP (which is very successful!) and now within the program I am continuing to learning a more complex No-Code tool to build the final version of my idea. I wholeheartedly recommend these courses if you want to implement an idea of yours or simply want to spend quality time learning something new, meeting like-minded people! No-Code has become my new hobby and I think I will realize many more ideas in the future.

Agnese Z.
No-Code miniAccelerator

A Game-Changer for non-technical entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur with a background in design and marketing, I always had great ideas for web applications but lacked the technical skills to bring them to life. The Bubble miniAccelerator course was a game-changer for me!What I appreciated the most was the hands-on approach; it really felt like I was learning by doing. The course mentor, Mantas Giedraitis, is a fantastic and knowledgeable instructor. His experience in the no-code industry shines through in his teaching style, and his dedication to helping students like myself succeed is evident.

Johan S.
Bubble miniAccelerator

You will make the right choice by joining Webflow miniAccelerator!

The program's content was made in a way that is easy for me to grasp the fundamentals of Webflow and start building my website straight away.
Webflow is an amazing platform that enables even non-developers like myself to create stunning, professional websites with ease. After completing this course, I was able to create a responsive, visually appealing website for my business that truly reflects our brand and values. The positive feedback I've received from customers and colleagues alike is a testament to the quality of Živilė's teachings.
From my experience, you will make the right choice by joining Webflow miniAccelerator!

Mikko V.
Webflow miniAccelerator

miniAccelerator mentors

Mantas Giedraitis

Mantas is a full-time no-code developer with 2.5 years of experience. Previously, he worked in executive roles for large Lithuanian companies. Seeking to create a web-based business without coding, he discovered no-code and spent an intensive year mastering it. Today, Mantas is a successful freelance Bubble developer with clients from the US, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East

Živilė Subačienė

Meet Zivile, a strategy-led web and UI/UX designer. Since 2017, she has run her freelance business, helping businesses achieve their goals through the creation of impactful websites. When it comes to building websites, Webflow is her go-to no-code tool. Originally from Lithuania, Živilė has recently relocated to Switzerland.

Mikus Losans

Meet Mikus, he founded the University of Latvia Business incubator in 2012 and miniAccelerator in 2016 to help others succeed in business. He co-founded CryptoPolice in 2017, which received €150,000 in investment, but went bankrupt in 2021. He holds an MBA in international business from the University of Latvia and graduated from the Business Acceleration Program in Switzerland in 2019.

Roberta Grīga

Meet Roberta Grīga, a digital marketing specialist with over 150 successful advertising campaigns and marketing strategies under her belt. Roberta is also a dedicated educator, providing practical, hands-on training in multi-channel advertising strategy that emphasizes real-world challenges over dry theory.

Kārlis Kivlenieks

Meet Karlis, he has implemented dozens of ideas both for himself and for clients using No-Code, and he uses this knowledge to develop various solutions in his work. During OnDeck No-Code program created the “Meet Ollie” app, which was recognized by Glide's CEO as the best Glide app during the program. Baltic No-Coders co-founder and Glide ambassador.

Frequently asked questions

Who should apply?

Marketing specialist and people who want to work in digital marketing field. By participating in this miniAccelerator program, you will gain new skills that will allow you to be more competitive in a job market where AI can do many of your jobs.

When the program will start?

Program will start on April 21st, 2023.

What is the language for the program?

miniAccelerator events and lectures are held in english, because the participants are from multiple countries.

Is this a fully remote program?

Yes, we will organize all our events online, so it doesn't matter where you are located as long as you have a good internet connection.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to write us to or call/write on Whatsapp +37128632492 We will be happy to asnwer your questions😉