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No-Code miniAccelerator includes

Participation fee from 399€
Access to learning platform
Ask questions&talk with mentors
Participation fee from 399€ (including VAT)

Access to 5 different courses from basic no-code tools like Glide, Softr to more advanced like Webflow and Bubble. And including a separate course for attracting customers, which includes Digital marketing ads and Startup fundamentals.
In total 50+ hours of lecture content, 200+ different topics with videos.

15-day money-back guarantee - You risk nothing, because if for some reason you do not feel comfortable continuing the training during this time, we will return 100% of the application fee!

Education platform

The miniAccelerator program takes place online and is available on a specially designed platform, where students have access to video material and various additional resources.

The full-program participants are also part of a community group in Slack, where you can ask questions to your mentors for the whole 8-week program.

Get answers to questions

All participants of the Full program have the opportunity to ask their questions to the course mentors and communicate with other course participants during the program.

Feedback on your project

When you will finish your 1st project, your mentor will give you feedback and suggestions on the project quality and how you can improve your work in the future.

Receive a certificate of completion

At the end of the course, you will not only have acquired new knowledge and skills, but after you have finished and submitted your 1st project you will also receive a certificate from the miniAccelerator for a successeful graduation.

Apply for the program
Apply for the program

miniAccelerator mentors

Mantas Giedraitis

Mantas is a full-time no-code developer with 2.5 years of experience. Previously, he worked in executive roles for large Lithuanian companies. Seeking to create a web-based business without coding, he discovered no-code and spent an intensive year mastering it. Today, Mantas is a successful freelance Bubble developer with clients from the US, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East

Živilė Subačienė

Meet Zivile, a strategy-led web and UI/UX designer. Since 2017, she has run her freelance business, helping businesses achieve their goals through the creation of impactful websites. When it comes to building websites, Webflow is her go-to no-code tool. Originally from Lithuania, Živilė has recently relocated to Switzerland.

Mikus Losans

Meet Mikus, he founded the University of Latvia Business incubator in 2012 and miniAccelerator in 2016 to help others succeed in business. He co-founded CryptoPolice in 2017, which received €150,000 in investment, but went bankrupt in 2021. He holds an MBA in international business from the University of Latvia and graduated from the Business Acceleration Program in Switzerland in 2019.

Roberta Grīga

Meet Roberta Grīga, a digital marketing specialist with over 150 successful advertising campaigns and marketing strategies under her belt. Roberta is also a dedicated educator, providing practical, hands-on training in multi-channel advertising strategy that emphasizes real-world challenges over dry theory.

Kārlis Kivlenieks

Meet Karlis, he has implemented dozens of ideas both for himself and for clients using No-Code, and he uses this knowledge to develop various solutions in his work. During OnDeck No-Code program created the “Meet Ollie” app, which was recognized by Glide's CEO as the best Glide app during the program. Baltic No-Coders co-founder and Glide ambassador.

This online program is designed for

Non-technical professionals and career-changers
Learning no-code development can open up new career opportunities in tech, providing an accessible entry point without the need for extensive coding knowledge.
Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders
No-code development skills can help them quickly create and validate their minimal viable products (MVPs), reducing time and costs associated with traditional development.
Freelancers and Consultants
No-code development can expand their service offerings, allowing them to build web apps, websites, and other digital solutions for clients without relying on a development team.

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Full No-Code program (5 programs in 1)

Introducing the No-Code miniAccelerator, a comprehensive online program designed to empower you with the skills needed to build powerful web applications, automate tasks, and create stunning websites without writing a single line of code. Our carefully curated curriculum covers a wide range of no-code tools, enabling you to bring your ideas to life with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Throughout this program, you'll master the fundamentals of no-code development, opening up a world of opportunities to excel in your career, launch successful startups, and even work as a high-earning freelancer. With no-code skills, you'll be able to create prototypes and MVPs rapidly, reducing time and costs associated with traditional development, and validate your business ideas more effectively. In fact, startups built using no-code tools have raised millions of dollars from venture capitalists, proving the immense potential these skills hold in today's digital landscape.

As a freelancer or consultant, you can leverage your no-code expertise to offer a wide range of services, including building web apps, websites, and other digital solutions for clients, without relying on a development team. This can significantly boost your earning potential, with some no-code freelancers earning thousands of dollars per month.

The No-Code miniAccelerator is not just a course, but an investment in yourself and your future. By mastering no-code development, you'll unlock the power to innovate, create, and scale your projects with ease, positioning yourself at the forefront of the tech industry's rapid evolution. Don't miss this opportunity to join the no-code revolution and reshape your career trajectory. Enroll now and start building your future today!

Research, Validation & MVP

In this section, you will learn the most effective ways to research and validate your business ideas, ensuring that you're investing your time and resources into a viable venture. You'll also discover the essentials of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test your concept in the market before committing to full-scale development.

Content topics:
✅ Top5 Startup mistakes
✅ Finding a Product, Business Idea
✅ Desk research for your business idea
✅ Interview your potential customers
✅ Minimum Viable Product part 1
✅ Minimum Viable Product part 2

How a startup can raise an investment

This section will guide you through the process of attracting investors and securing funding for your startup. You will learn about the various sources of financing, how to evaluate your startup's suitability for investment, and the key factors investors consider when making their decisions. Additionally, you'll gain insights into startup valuation, milestone planning, and the importance of choosing investors who can add value beyond financial support.

Content topics:
✅Where to get the money
✅Are you suitable for the investor
✅Done is better than perfect
✅Can investor add more value thant money
✅Budget - spending the money

Preparing your startup PitchDeck & Delivering presentation

This lecture covers essential skills and strategies to create and deliver an effective pitch presentation. Topics include an engaging story, problem & solution definition, market analysis, business model, competition analysis, team presentation, financial projections, and call-to-action. Participants learn how to structure their pitch deck, select visuals, and deliver a clear presentation. By the end, they will have the knowledge and skills to create a compelling pitch that generates interest and investment.

Content topics:
✅Strategies for creating and delivering an effective pitch presentation
✅ How to create an engaging story for your pitch
✅The Content, what to include in the startup pitch
✅ Structuring your pitch deck with appropriate visuals to support your narrative
✅Delivering a pitch presentation with confidence and clarity

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

In this section, you will gain a solid understanding of the core principles of digital marketing. You will learn about various marketing investments, tracking methods, and advertising channels that can help your business grow. We'll also dive into the customer journey and explore how to build an effective digital marketing strategy. By the end of this section, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions and maximize the impact of your digital marketing efforts.

Content topics:
✅Marketing investments and tracking
✅Digital Marketing and advertising channels
✅Customer Journey
✅Building Your Digital Marketing Strategy
✅Some Useful tools

Launching Facebook Ads - QUICK DEMO

In this section, you will get a hands-on introduction to Facebook Ads. We'll walk you through the process of setting up a Business Manager account and configuring the Facebook Pixel for accurate tracking. You will learn how to create and launch a Facebook Ads campaign, and understand the key elements of a successful campaign. This practical demo will help you get started with Facebook Ads quickly and efficiently.

Content topics:
✅Before Facebook Ads - Creating a business manager
✅Before Facebook Ads - Setting up pixel
✅Launching Facebook Ads campaign

Display and Video Advertising - Google Ads

Here, you will explore the world of display and video advertising through Google Ads. You will learn how to set up an account, manage billing, and utilize the Google Display Network and YouTube campaigns. We'll provide step-by-step guidance on creating and optimizing campaigns, as well as a live demo to help you get started with display and video advertising confidently.

Content topics:
✅Intro for Display and Video ads
✅Account Setup, Billing And Other
✅Youtube Campaigns
✅How To Create & Optimise Campaigns
✅DEMO - Display and Video advertising

Google Ads - Search campaigns

In this section, we focus on Google Search Network campaigns. You will learn how it works, how to choose the right keywords to bid on, and the importance of campaign structure and keyword match types. We'll also cover the principles of optimization and provide a live demo to help you create and manage search campaigns effectively.

Content topics:
✅What is Google Search Network And How Does It Work
✅What Keywords I Should Bid On
✅Campaign structure and keyword match types
✅The principles of optimization
✅Live Demo

Facebook Ads

In this section, you will dive deeper into Facebook Ads and learn how to utilize Facebook Business Suite and Business Manager for more advanced campaign management. We'll discuss data tracking and optimization techniques to maximize the performance of your Facebook Ads. You will also get a practical demo on setting up and managing an effective Facebook Ads campaign. By the end of this section, you'll have a strong foundation in Facebook Ads and be ready to drive results for your business.

Content topics:
✅Facebook Business suite and business manager
✅Data tracking & use on Facebook Ads
✅Advertising fundamentals and campaign setup
✅DEMO of FB Ads campaign
✅Facebook Ads optimization

No-Code Fundamentals

In this section, you will learn the essentials of no-code development and how it empowers individuals and businesses alike. Discover the most popular no-code tools to kickstart your journey and explore various support resources to help you along the way.

Content topics:
✅How other companies built MVP & how to do that with no-code
✅No-Code tools to start with
✅Support Tools


Dive into the world of Stripe - a powerful payment processing platform. You will learn how to set up your business settings, create products, generate payment links, and utilize promo codes to create seamless payment experiences for your customers.

Content topics:
✅Business Settings
✅Creating a product on Stripe
✅Creating a payment link
✅Adding payment link & pricing cards on your site
✅Creating promo codes


Unleash your creativity with Carrd, a user-friendly website builder. You will learn how to craft visually appealing landing pages, design responsive headers and footers, implement animations, and optimize your page for SEO to boost your online presence.

Content topics:
✅Carrd Start&Hero section
✅ Icon Section Carrd
✅ Features list
✅ Testimonials
✅ Call to action
✅ How to save on Carrd
✅ How to create a header
✅ How to hide elements on mobile or desktop
✅ How to create a footer
✅ Create signup section
✅ Format buttons
✅ Gradient background
✅  SEO tags
✅  How to set up animations
✅ Publish your page
✅ Tracking Codes on Carrd

Tally forms

Master the art of form creation with Tally. You will learn how to design and embed interactive forms on your website, customize form settings, and integrate your forms with other platforms to streamline your data collection process.

Content topics:
✅Creating a form
✅Embed form on website

Mailerlite - for email automation and campaigns

Get acquainted with MailerLite, an email marketing platform that simplifies campaign creation and automation. You will learn how to manage subscriber groups, set up email automations, launch regular campaigns, and verify your email domain for improved deliverability.

Content topics:
✅Introduction and creating subscriber groups
✅Email automations
✅Regular mailerlite campaign
✅Email domain verification (connect to OpenAI & more)

Discover the power of and its integration capabilities with OpenAI and other platforms. You will learn how to send data between platforms, troubleshoot issues using Make history, and optimize your no-code workflows.

Content topics:
✅How to connect OpenAI and
✅Send data from one platform to another
✅How to check Make history

Airtable & Softr

Unlock the potential of Airtable and Softr in this section. You will learn how to manage and manipulate data with Airtable, create visually compelling interfaces with Softr, and connect both platforms via API to build powerful web applications.

Content topics:
✅Airtable intro
✅Airtable basics
✅Airtable base terms explained
✅Adding fields to blank table
✅Importing Excel file
✅Filtering and grouping data
✅Sharing Airtable base and embed
✅Table views
✅Table relations on Airtable
✅ Automation 1
✅ Automation 2
✅Airtable & Softr
✅ Softr & Airtable API
✅ Softr & Airtable - Starting to build
✅Softr & Airtable - List Block
✅Softr & Airtable - List Details block
✅Softr & Airtable - Quick settings

Building on Softr

Take your Softr skills to the next level by building a complete project. You will learn how to design and create various sections, implement forms, add functionality to buttons, and optimize your project using Airtable formulas and automations.

Content topics:
✅Ideas table
✅People Table
✅Hero section
✅Idea page (connected to Airtable)
✅Creating a form&connecting to Airtable
✅Talent Page (connected to Airtable)
✅ Using Formulas on Airtable to change visibility
✅Automation to delete (update) the record
✅Adding functions to buttons
✅ Bonus - Softr forms&Airtable
✅ Bonus - Softr form (with Hidden fields) & Airtable automation


Get started with Glide, an intuitive app builder that transforms spreadsheets into dynamic mobile apps. You will learn how to connect data sources, design user interfaces, manage app settings, and create user experiences that delight your audience.

Content topics:
✅Intro Glide
✅Glide Templates
✅Glide app and Glide page
✅Data sources & connecting
✅Glide work environment
✅Settings for apps
✅App privacy
✅User settings
✅Creating User Interface on Glide

Intro Webinar

You will gain an understanding of Webflow's capabilities and know what to expect throughout the course.
The goal: To provide an overview of Webflow and introduce the course objectives.
Content topics:
✅What is Webflow
✅Who is Webflow for?
✅Webflow Advantages
✅Webflow Disadvantages
✅What you will learn during the course?

Webflow Fundamentals

You will explore the Designer, learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and the Box model, and master layout and positioning techniques.
The goal: To establish a strong foundation in Webflow's core concepts.
Content topics:
✅Introduction to the Designer
✅HTML, CSS and the Box model
✅Layout and positioning

Building a Home Page on Webflow

You will gain hands-on experience in creating various sections and elements, adding animations, optimizing for mobile devices, and publishing your website to a Webflow domain.
The goal: To teach you how to create a complete, professional home page using Webflow.
Content topics:
✅Exporting images & adding fonts
✅Building a Hero section
✅Navigation (using Navbar element)
✅'How it works' section (using grids)
✅Testimonials section
✅Call to action section
✅Blog and Footer
✅Hover animations (links and buttons)
✅Optimizing for mobile devices (part 1)
✅Optimizing for mobile devices (part 2)
✅Animations and interactions
✅Publishing website to Webflow domain
✅Creating new pages and using components

Blog Creation (using CMS)

You will learn to create collections, design blog post templates, and craft an engaging blog page using collection lists.
The goal: To introduce Webflow's CMS and guide you through the process of designing and creating a fully functional blog.
Content topics:  
✅Intro to CMS and creating a collection
✅Blog post template design
✅Blog page design (collection list)

Figma & UX/UI Fundamentals

Learn how to use Figma for effective design going through a step by step process from design best practices to making a prototype of your project.
The goal: to introduce you with Figma and and basics of design principles that you are capable of using the tool on your own.
Content topics:  
✅Getting Started With Figma
✅Intro to best UX/UI practices
✅Creating a moodboard
✅Selecting the right colours and fonts (creating a style guide)
✅Setting up your first project on Figma
✅Web Design example on Figma (part 1)
✅Web Design example on Figma (part 2)
✅How to make a prototype
✅Design and prototyping tips for Mobile App

Introductory Lecture on Bubble

Dive into the world of as we introduce you to the platform, its capabilities, and its impact on web app development. In this section, you will familiarize yourself with the no-code movement and understand how Bubble can empower you to create your own web apps without writing a single line of code.

Content topics:
✅What is Bubble
✅Bubble comparing with other tools
✅Bubble limitations
✅Content of the course
✅What you will build during the program

Bubble Basics

Master the fundamentals of through a series of engaging lessons covering everything from the editor and canvas to database management and plugins. In this section, you will gain hands-on experience with the core features that make Bubble a powerful no-code development platform, setting a strong foundation for your journey.

Content topics:
✅Intro to bubble part 1
✅Intro to bubble part 2
✅Editor and canvas overview
✅Canvas settings
✅Property editor
✅Parent-child elements, cascading data, queries
✅Flexbox fundamentals
✅ AirBnB example
✅Static and dynamic data
✅Database overview
✅Option sets
✅Custom states and contitionals

Bubble Intermediate Topics

Expand your Bubble knowledge by exploring intermediate concepts and techniques, such as single-page applications, custom workflows, and maintainability. In this section, you will learn how to optimize your web apps, create more complex solutions, and ensure your projects are efficient and easily manageable.

Content topics:
✅ Single page application vs. multi page application
✅ Showing and hiding information
✅ Parameters
✅ URL parameters and reading URL addresses
✅ Custom workflows
✅ Maintainability
✅ Completing tasks

Let's Build an App - Capsule Intro

Put your newfound skills to the test by building Capsule, a real-world web app project. In this section, you will learn how to set up your project structure and layout, laying the groundwork for the app's navigation and functionality.

Content topics:
✅ Intro to Capsule
✅ Project setup
✅ Page structure

Capsule - Navigation

Delve into the intricacies of creating seamless navigation for your web app. In this section, you will learn how to design and implement intuitive navigation elements such as left-side menus, bottom navigation groups, and navigation workflows, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Content topics:
✅ Left side navigation
✅ Bottom navigation group
✅ Navigation workflows
✅ Transferring icons 1
✅ Transferring icons 2

Capsule - Projects

Bring your web app to life by developing its core functionality and features. In this section, you will learn how to create page sections, manage project databases, and implement search and filter capabilities. By the end of this section, you will have a fully functional web app that demonstrates your Bubble proficiency and showcases your ability to create powerful digital products.

Content topics:
✅ Intro to page sections
✅ Project section
✅ Download and Add buttons
✅ Quick filters
✅ Search and filter bar
✅ Responsiveness, breakpoints and mobile nav bar
✅ Projects database
✅ Projects repeating group
✅ Data, queries and search
✅ Project status and quick filters

Participation Fee
(instant access)


Self-Learning 4-month Access plan

This is the basic package that will give you access to all learning content from Bubble miniAccelerator for the next 4 months.


15-day money-back guarantee - You risk nothing, because if for some reason you do not feel comfortable continuing the training during this time, we will return 100% of the training fee!

4-month access to Bubble miniAccelerator content
70 hours of video lecture material and presentation slides: 200+ materials
Certificate for graduation after successful completion of your first project

Mentorship + 12 month access plan

This is the most popular package. You will get access not only to learning content, but also will be part of community, and will have ability to ask questions to your mentors for the next 8 weeks


15-day money-back guarantee - You risk nothing, because if for some reason you do not feel comfortable continuing the training during this time, we will return 100% of the training fee!

Everything from self-learning package, and: 
12-month access to No-Code miniAccelerator content
Access to members only community platform
Get help in the form of questions and answers from mentors for 8 weeks
Get feedback on your first No-Code project and suggestions for personal improvement in the future
from €5000

We will build a full solution for you

If you have an idea of web-platform, dating app, social media platform, or any other project you want to build on Bubble, but don't want to learn and build yourself, we can build the project for you. That you will be able to support yourself in the future if needed.

Apply for a meeting

15-day money-back guarantee - You risk nothing, because if for some reason you do not feel comfortable continuing the training during this time, we will return 100% of the training fee!

Everything from the full-package, and: 
Life-time access, or unlimited access to current and future No-Code miniAccelerator content
🤝 We build the solution for you & give 1on1 mentorship during the development

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Apply for the program

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Frequently asked questions

Who should apply?

Marketing specialist and people who want to work in digital marketing field. By participating in this miniAccelerator program, you will gain new skills that will allow you to be more competitive in a job market where AI can do many of your jobs.

When the program will start?

Mentoring program will start on June 15th, 2023, when participants can start to ask questions. But you receive access to the content right after the payment of participation fee.

What is the language for the program?

miniAccelerator events and lectures are held in english, because the participants are from multiple countries.

Is this a fully remote program?

Yes, we will organize all our events online, so it doesn't matter where you are located as long as you have a good internet connection.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to write us to or call/write on Whatsapp +37128632492 We will be happy to asnwer your questions😉