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🔥Beginner-friendly🔥video training for you to learn creating beautiful looking websites in 8 weeks with the industry best website and landing page building tools - Webflow and Figma. Learn from Zivile, a 5+ year experienced web developer and graphic designer with 100+ projects in her portfolio. Access to 11.5 hours of course lectures and materials 24/7 🚀

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Webflow miniAccelerator includes

Participation fee from 199€
Access to learning platform
Ask questions & talk with mentors
Participation fee from 199€ (including VAT)

Access to course material of 11.5 hours of lecture content.

15-day money-back guarantee - You risk nothing, because if for some reason you do not feel comfortable continuing the training during this time, we will return 100% of the application fee!

Education platform

The miniAccelerator program takes place online and is available on a specially designed platform, where students have access to over 11 hours of video material, 25+ lectures, and various additional resources.

Get answers to questions & access community

All participants of the Full program have the opportunity to ask their questions to the course mentors and communicate with other course participants during the program.

Feedback on your project

When you will finish your 1st project miniAccelerator will give you feedback and suggestions on the project quality and how you can improve your work in the future.

Receive a certificate of completion

At the end of the course, you will not only have acquired new knowledge and skills, but after you have finished and submitted your 1st project you will also receive a certificate from the miniAccelerator for a successeful graduation.

Apply for the program
Apply for the program

Alumni testimonials

Course mentor

Živilė Subačienė

Živilė Subačienė is a strategy-led web and UI/UX designer. Since 2017, she has run her freelance business, helping businesses achieve their goals through the creation of impactful websites. When it comes to building websites, Webflow is her go-to no-code tool. Originally from Lithuania, Živilė has recently relocated to Switzerland.

This online program is designed for

Web Development Newcomers
Individuals with little to no experience in web development can quickly grasp the essentials and kickstart their journey to becoming skilled web developers through our comprehensive course.
Entrepreneurs and small business owners
Individuals who want to create and manage their own websites or online stores without relying solely on external developers.
Freelance Web Developers
People who want to become successful freelance web developers can learn to offer Webflow development services to clients, increasing their marketability and income potential. Our course equips them with the skills needed to confidently create and manage professional, responsive websites and blogs for various clients.

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Webflow miniAccelerator program

Embark on a comprehensive web development journey with our expert-led, 25+ lessons, 11.5-hour Webflow course. Starting with an introductory webinar, you'll dive into the fundamentals of Webflow, learn to create visually stunning home pages, and harness the power of Webflow's CMS for blog creation. Our hands-on approach ensures that you will gain practical skills needed to create professional, responsive websites and blogs with ease.

By mastering Webflow, you'll unlock endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Apply your newly acquired skills to create websites for personal projects, bring your business ideas to life, or even start a rewarding career as a freelance web developer. With Webflow freelance developers charging rates starting from $40 per hour, the investment in this course can quickly pay off as you build your portfolio and establish a strong presence in the web development market.

Intro Webinar

You will gain an understanding of Webflow's capabilities and know what to expect throughout the course.
The goal: To provide an overview of Webflow and introduce the course objectives.

Content topics: 
✅What is Webflow
✅Who is Webflow for? 
✅Webflow Advantages
✅Webflow Disadvantages
✅What you will learn during the course? 

Webflow Fundamentals

You will explore the Designer, learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and the Box model, and master layout and positioning techniques.
The goal: To establish a strong foundation in Webflow's core concepts.

Content topics: 
✅Introduction to the Designer
✅HTML, CSS and the Box model
✅Layout and positioning

Building a Home Page on Webflow

You will gain hands-on experience in creating various sections and elements, adding animations, optimizing for mobile devices, and publishing your website to a Webflow domain.
The goal: To teach you how to create a complete, professional home page using Webflow.

Content topics: 
✅Exporting images & adding fonts
✅Building a Hero section
✅Navigation (using Navbar element)
✅'How it works' section (using grids)
✅Testimonials section
✅Call to action section
✅Blog and Footer
✅Hover animations (links and buttons)
✅Optimizing for mobile devices (part 1)
✅Optimizing for mobile devices (part 2)
✅Animations and interactions
✅Publishing website to Webflow domain
✅Creating new pages and using components

Blog Creation (using CMS)

You will learn to create collections, design blog post templates, and craft an engaging blog page using collection lists.
The goal: To introduce Webflow's CMS and guide you through the process of designing and creating a fully functional blog.

Content topics:  
✅Intro to CMS and creating a collection
✅Blog post template design
✅Blog page design (collection list)

Figma & UX/UI Fundamentals

Learn how to use Figma for effective design going through a step by step process from design best practices to making a prototype of your project.
The goal: to introduce you with Figma and and basics of design principles that you are capable of using the tool on your own.

Content topics:  
✅Getting Started With Figma
✅Intro to best UX/UI practices
✅Creating a moodboard
✅Selecting the right colours and fonts (creating a style guide)
✅Setting up your first project on Figma
✅Web Design example on Figma (part 1)
✅Web Design example on Figma (part 2)
✅How to make a prototype
✅Design and prototyping tips for Mobile App

Participation Fee


Self-Learning 4-month Access plan

This is the basic package that will give you access to all learning content from Webflow miniAccelerator for the next 4 months.


15-day money-back guarantee - You risk nothing, because if for some reason you do not feel comfortable continuing the training during this time, we will return 100% of the training fee!

4-month access to Webflow miniAccelerator content
11.5 hours of video lecture material and presentation slides
Certificate for graduation after successful completion of your first project
Full-program with 8-week mentorship

Mentorship + 12 month access plan

This is the most popular package. You will get access not only to learning content, but also will be part of community, and will have ability to ask questions to your mentors for the next 8 weeks.


15-day money-back guarantee - You risk nothing, because if for some reason you do not feel comfortable continuing the training during this time, we will return 100% of the training fee!

Everything from self-learning package, and: 
12-month access to Webflow miniAccelerator content
Access to members only community platform
Get help in the form of questions and answers from a lecturer for 8 weeks
Get feedback on your first Webflow project and suggestions for personal improvement in the future
We build FULL SOLUTION for you
from €2999

We will build a full solution for you

If you have an idea of a project you want to build on Webflow and/or Figma, but don't want to learn and build yourself, we can build the project for you. That you will be able to support yourself in the future if needed.

Apply for a meeting

15-day money-back guarantee - You risk nothing, because if for some reason you do not feel comfortable continuing the training during this time, we will return 100% of the training fee!

Everything from the full-package, and: 
Life-time access, or unlimited access to current and future Webflow miniAccelerator content
🤝 We build the solution for you & give 1on1 mentorship during the development

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Apply for the program
Apply for the program

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Frequently asked questions

Who should apply?

Marketing specialist and people who want to work in digital marketing field. By participating in this miniAccelerator program, you will gain new skills that will allow you to be more competitive in a job market where AI can do many of your jobs.

When the program will start?

Program will start on April 21st, 2023.

What is the language for the program?

miniAccelerator events and lectures are held in english, because the participants are from multiple countries.

Is this a fully remote program?

Yes, we will organize all our events online, so it doesn't matter where you are located as long as you have a good internet connection.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to write us to hello@miniaccelerator.com or call/write on Whatsapp +37128632492 We will be happy to asnwer your questions😉